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Pretty good driving school — Rådhustorvet 3, 8900 Randers C

Nordbyens: Popular driving school in Randers C.

Driving school/Driving License Randers

Next class in english will start thursday 1. June

Small classes

There will be maximum 6 students each class, but there must be at least 3 students til start english class

Theory locations are central Randers city  at : Rådhustorvet 3, 1. sal, 8900 Randers C

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Get a driving license at Nordbyens Køreskole

Easy, fast and flexible

  • Tlf: 25 15 73 08

Driving license cat. B

An ordinary cat. B driving licence, allows you to drive with up to 3,500 kg. total weight, with a trailer of up to 750 kg.

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Driving license for 17 year old

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Medical driving test

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Why should you choose Nordbyens Køreskole in Randers ?

At Nordbyens Driving school we provide a proffesional driving instructor – and :

  • We are, so far we know, the only driving school in Randers with english tuition.
  • Free theory materials that you borrow against a small deposit. Therefor you will not waste monye to buy  a theorybook you dont need when you  are finish with the driving school.
  • Driving school with personally tution by an involved driving instructor with baseline in you. By us you will not just sit infront of computer in the classroom.
  • Code for an online way to do extra homework with online theorybook, evaluated test and options to watch movies. Works on both computer, tablet and your cellphone. Valid for 3 months.
  • All you driving lessons will be in cordination with you to take care of your school or work. We will pick you up where you are in school or by busterminal in city center.
  • In theory-room you sit comfortable in offices chairs, we have a little candy at the tabels, there are possibillity for coffee or thea in our location.
  • We work based on the philosophy that we are a service company where customers must be satisfied and they must leave here with a driver’s license, but it must also be a pleasant experience.
  • You have the same driving instructor both theory class and driving lessons, and we will treat you in a professional way.

So for all, a lot of good reasons to choose Nordbyens Køreskole in Randers

If you have any question, then please call or sms to Bjarne på: 25 15 73 08

At Nordbyens Køreskole i Randers we also differ a bit from other driving schools  :

For danish tution there is a lot of drivingschools in Randers, but for english tution, there is not so many options. It might be necessary to go to another city like Aarhus or Aalborg

Therefore we can of course find a few more reasons to choose Nordbyens Køreskole for your way to a driving license:

  • We will go to citizen service with your papers (medical papers, application form etc.) to get them approved
  • We will be there with your papers when going to theory test and be there for moral support to you. We of course keep them so they are there when going to practical test.
  • We will make agreement with the interpreter / translator for practical test
  • We will make agreement for the first aid course
  • We have mechanical models of brakes, tires, steering and the like in the theory room if you don’t fully understand the technology behind it.
  • We are located in center of the city, even if you come a bit outside the city with the bus.
  • We will only make small classes in the english teams.
  • You can go to all the extra theory you want —- for free, on the next team if we start one.

Why settle when you can have the most at the same places in Nordbyens Køreskole. At the danish classes we are one of the best in the city with a pass rate around 90%. We are one of the leading driving schools in Randers.

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Trade association

Our driving school is for the time not member of a Trade association for driving instructors.

This is a choise we have made while those associations there is dont meet the expectations we have. Amon others the guarantee fund has been delayed in one of these associations, but the board of appeal still excist, but it is not necessay for the driving school to be member her for you to complaint about the driving tuition if needed.

Therefore you dont need to go to a driving school wich is memeber of the Driving schools associations in order those schools should be better than those is not a member

Go for the driving school you find best for you

You are always welcome to contact Nordbyens Køreskole in Randers, if you have any kind of questions about driving license or tuition or to our driving school.