How to pay?

At the first theory class you will get exact information about the way to pay and our payment terms, but please read it here.

The bill at 17.500 DKK will be send as a pdf-file to your email that you used for the sign up, at the same day as second theory class and same day you will receive it in paper form.
It has to be paid at least 8 days after you receive it.
It can be paid i 3 ways :
Bank transfer (recommended), Mobilepay or cash

Can I make a payment arrangement ?

The short answer – No
Unfortunately someone havent hold there payment arrangement so we have cancelled that option. We dont want to use and waste our time to get our payment.
If the payment is not at our bank account after the 8 days after you received your bill, there will not be agreed any driving lessons

Extra driving lessons?

If you had extra driving lessons the must be paid at least same day as your practical driving test.
If no payment , your practical driving test , will be cancelled by me and then your fee will be lost (Must be cancelled at least 2½ day before).
If cancellation there must be paid a new fee to Danish Road Traffic Authority at 1000 DKK before a new test can be booked. This will mean an extra waiting time for a new practical test wich must be counted on if cancellation

How to pay for extra driving lessons?

There ar 2 ways to pay just before your practical driving test :
Mobilepay (reccomemnded) or cash

What do the students says?

Here you can read the latest recommendations which the students themselves have written on our Facebook page