We provides following.

We provides following

We are only educated and approved for category B.

Therefor it is only this category we offer our service

Driving License for Category B.

Driver’s license category B gives you the right to drive these vehicles:

Person- and vans, that does not persuade 3.500 kg permissible total weight. Passenger cars must have at most 8 seating in addition to the driver’s seat.

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Driving license for 17 year old

You must start getting teached for a driving license 3 months before you turn 17. Before you start the driving school in Randers, you must make sure that both of your parents (holders of parental authority) will give you permission to drive as a 17-year-old.

They must sign that they give you permission on your application for a driving license for 17-year-olds.

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Re-acquire of the driving license

We also offer reacquisition of driving license

We will short tell about the various way of reacquisition to get your license back

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Medical driving test

This is for you  who has got a letter from the Danish Road Traffic Authority about to make a deposition of a medical driving test.

Thes test is done with an examinator from Danish Road Traffic Authority. The letter says that you must provide an approved driving school car wich only can be rented by a driving school.

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What do the students says

Here you can read the latest recommendations which the students themselves have written on our Facebook page