First aid course

First Aid Course

If you never had a driving license before it is mandatory to take a traffic cognate first aid course.

There are 3 ways for you to get this.

  • You could take it in danish if you like
  • You could get one through the driving school in english
  • You find your own course

We have been in contact with a danish instructure who will make a course for our english teams in english. The course will be held at the training track facility in the northern part of Randers.

The price for this is 700 DKK wich you must pay by your self at the day the course will be held. In the price there will be a sandwich included.

The course will take 8 hours

Worth knowing before you start

Below we have collected a few things you should know

In reality, you don’t need to do anything before you start, but there can be things that are an advantage to have in place when you start taking a driving license. You will also be informed of all this the first time you attend the driving school.
These things are :

  • Get a photo done for your driving license – we recomand by a photographer like Photocare
  • Get an appointment with your own doctor for a medical report
  • Book an appointment for a first aid course (only if you don’t already have one)

A photo must comply with certain requirements (just as a passport photo must), these include requirements of size 35 x 45 mm, no headgear and other requirements. If you need to know them, you can find information about this on the police website. I therefore recommend that you go to a photo shop that makes photos for passports and driving licences, so you get the right photo straight away.

Yes, you need a photo for your driver’s license

You must obtain the medical certificate from your own doctor. So what you need to do is call your doctor and make an appointment so that your doctor can fill out this medical certificate.

Yes, you need the medical certificate.

It must be attached to your application form when it is submitted to citizen services

Remember to bring a photo when you go to the doctor, some doctors still make a signature on the backside, if they dont, ask to get the photo in the envelope

We are in contact with a first aid instructor  who will make a first aid course in english for us . Requirements is all 6 on the team will  take part at the same course to make it profitable to make the course

Yes you need the first aid course if :

This is your first driving license. It is a legal requirement to have a 8 hours traffic-related first aid course.

You dont need first aid course if :

You have a tractor driving license.
If you already have on. Notice, it must be maximum 1 year old when it goes to the citizen service with the application form

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